Clean & Fold Deluxe Services


We will pick-up, pre-spot, wash & dry, neatly fold & package your laundry for delivery to your door within 24 hours!!

Do It Yourself

We feature new washers & dryers, attendant friendly services, 38 inch HDTV, Wi-Fi service, and, available for an additional charge, self-serve soap, bleach, fabric softeners, and laundry bags (small & very large vinyl Malibu Canyon Laundry bags).



Clean & Fold Services

Entrust us with your laundry and we guarantee that we can provide you with up to a 50% savings versus your current Dry Cleaner!

Drop-off laundry "window" available Monday-Saturday, 6:00 am - 10:00 pm

Our Clean & Fold Service is priced by the pound and includes sorting, pre-spot, wash, dry, fold, and neatly packaged for your pick-up.


24 hour turn-around service available upon request.

Laundry Services for Business Owners

Let us take care of your commercial laundry needs!

Tell us about your business and we will create a laundry plan that fits all of your unique commercial laundry needs!

Clean & Fold Service for Horse Owners

We Clean & Fold Horse Blankets, Quarter Sheets, Leg Protectors, Show Rugs, Polo Wraps and Washable Accessories.

Our Equestrian Services are offered at $1.75 per pound and include double wash and extended dry with your items folded & neatly packed.

Note: Minimum 20 pounds on all delivery services.